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Welcome to Strange Sea Corals!

Strange Sea Corals is an online-based coral and saltwater aquarist supply store established in early 2018. We value honesty and fairness in our business practices by representing products as true-to-life as possible and offering fair prices. We also value the large, aquarist community that we can share and exchange knowledge and ideas with.


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The Strange Sea is our official Facebook group. We created the group for our customers and supporters to have a community in which to share, learn and grow within the hobby. You can also find group-only deals, giveaways and more at The Strange Sea!



Strange Sea Corals Shop coming soon!

New Water System!

We're gonna need A LOT of water for these tanks! This new water system holds 250 gal RO and 250 gal salt.

Plus, we'll have water available for purchase!

New Frag System!

Our very first water test on our new custom made 4'x8' acrylic frag tank. Can't wait to fill this monster with SSC frags!

New Invert System!

Get ready for inverts!! We will be stocking numerous inverts in our new invert system.

Much More "In Store"!

There are a lot of new changes in store for Strange Sea Corals! We are in the final stages of completing the new Strange Sea Coral shop and are so excited to finally be able to have you all come visit us and shop in person! The website will be seeing a small update also. As we begin to focus on conservation a percentage of SSC sales are being donated to foundations making a difference in our oceans and beyond.

These are just some of the changes that are coming to Strange Sea.  We should be finishing up and running again in early to mid July - keep an eye on the FB page for any updates. We are so excited to share in our next-step with all of our awesome customers and supporters! Thank you!


Great prices and great looking items! Will be placing second order shortly. Anyone and everyone must check out Strange Sea Corals. Thanx Curt!

Rich B.

Thnx to Strange Sea Corals and the help of Curt. My tank is well stocked with thriving frags; live stock and clean up crew... if it's going in my tank, it's coming from "Strange Sea Corals".

John H.

Excellent product even better customer service! Love my new nems!

Ruth S.

Awesome coral at awesome prices. What more could you ask for! We need more places like this in the hobby!

Nate R.