About Us

        We entered the saltwater hobby with a life-long passion and curiosity for our oceans and everything within. Our hobby quickly grew into something much larger and life changing as we began trading, buying and selling with other local hobbyists. Through that experience, we truly recognized the lack of availability and convenience for the saltwater hobbyists in our area and even a fair distance beyond. This is how The Strange Sea “seed” was sown.

        We wanted to take this opportunity to provide beautiful, healthy corals and livestock to our local community and beyond. Not only did we want to provide quality items, we wanted to offer them at fair prices. Aside from happy, healthy coral and livestock, we wanted to lend our knowledge, experiences and support. 

        We know the time, money, blood, sweat and tears that go into this hobby, we’ve been there; which is why we take our role as Strange Sea Corals to heart and have much respect for our customers and saltwater community. We value honesty and fairness in our business practices, being transparent and specifically, representing products as true-to-life as possible.


While we are still a newer saltwater company, we are growing quickly and have many plans for the future. We want to promote eco-friendliness, sustainability and community as we advance and gain more opportunities. It has been an immense joy to be able to serve our local community as well as hobbyists across the country. And if you haven’t experienced Strange Sea Corals, we would love the chance to provide you with quality, fair-priced corals and livestock as well as top-notch customer service!