SSC Facebook Auctions

Facebook Auction Info

***We ask that you please read ALL of the AUCTION BUYING INFO before participating in the auctions***

If you have ANY questions, please message us directly - we are more than happy to help!


Auctions, aka adoptions, are held on our Facebook business page, here. Auctions typically run Friday-Sunday with all times in EST, and will be advertised on our Facebook business page and group, The Strange Sea.

Auctions are posted as albums. The album title will include the dates the auction will be running for. Click on each individual image in the album to find the starting bid price, end time and date on the particular piece, place your bid, and more.

Auctions are active and open for bidding as soon as they’re posted. End times are posted with each image.

*Note about end times - If an auction's end time is 8:00pm, you must make your bid by 7:59. Any bid made at 8:00pm or after is not valid. The auction ends at 8:00pm, therefore any bids at 8:00pm or after are not accepted. Keep in mind, all of our auctions use Sudden Death Rules. See more about Sudden Death below.

ALL auctions use the SUDDEN DEATH RULES. A bid made in the last minute of the auction will extend the end time by 5 minutes. Each valid bid thereafter will continue to extend the end time by 5 minutes.

Example: Adoption ends at 7:00pm, a bid made at 6:59pm will trigger Sudden Death, making the new end time 7:05pm. The next bid comes in at 7:02pm and extends the end time to 7:07pm. Another bid comes in at 7:08pm, however it is late and not valid, therefore it will not extend the time and the auction has ended. The winner is the last valid bid at 7:02pm.


Pulling bids needlessly raises the price for other bidders. It’s not fair and will not be tolerated. Please be sure of your bids. If you absolutely have to pull a bid, please contact us first.

We do our best to catch pulled bids, but it can be challenging. If you are having an issue with bids being pulled, please send us a message directly, through our Facebook business page, Strange Sea Corals: here.

If you are caught pulling a bid, you will be given ONE warning. If bids continue to be pulled, you will be banned from participating in future auctions.



All payments are directed through our website. We accept all major credit cards.

Once an auction has ended and all winners have been called, we begin to send out payment links. We will send you a direct message to the Facebook profile you bid with in the auction with your payment link. Please check your messages following the auction, we ask that all payments are received within 24 hours of receiving your payment link (the time at which the payment link is sent, not the time at which you open the message.)


Your auction winnings will be combined into one product that you can access by your payment link. You will get a personal link to your product which will list all of your winnings and an image of each item. Add your product to your cart, then checkout to make your payment. Please choose your shipping when checking out. You will be the only one that can access your product/winnings using the link we provide you.

    ALL payments must be received within 24 hours of receiving your payment link, the time at which the payment link is sent, not the time at which you open it.

      If your invoice/payment link is not paid within 24 hours, it will be cancelled and all winnings will be forfeited. If you have more than 3 forfeited payments, we will ask that you no longer participate in the auctions.



      Once auctions have ended and winners have been called, we will send you a message with your payment link. If you need SHIPPING for your auction winnings, you will be able to choose your shipping option when checking out with your payment link. If you live close by and would like to PICKUP, just reply to the message where you received your payment link to let us know and set up a day/time. Please see our shipping and pickup info here.